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  • [Notices] Announcement of the Upgrading and Renovation Project of Accessible Roads in the Construction of “Wo
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    World Devil City to create the national 5 A-level scenic spot Highway upgrading project in March 2017 began to implement....

  • [Notices] Note: Ensure self-protection in the dry climate.
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    Karamay climate drying, evaporation far greater than precipitation. Please pay attention to your own protection....

  • [Notices] Tourist Service Center at the World Town of Demons officially opened
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    (correspondent Zhou) June 12, 2016, Devil City Scenic decoration completed visitors Service Center officially open, the use of the Visitors Hall is a collection of consulting, shopping, leisure and other functions in one of the comprehensive tourist reception center, greatly enhance the scenic area of the service functions, so that visitors enjoy a comprehensive service function. Visitor Service Center set up a new ticket office has also begun official business, initially in the function division, the Devil City Company in strict accordance with the National 5 A-level scenic area of the standard construction, the center has a rest area, multimedia room, tourist souvenir sales area, postal area, mobile charging station, luggage storage and other functional areas, the internal facilities can provide visitors with advice, complaints station, medical equipment, postal services, but also equipped with LED large-screen service information all day rolling and other facilities. Visitor Service...

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