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Optimize the tourist environment and manage tenants according to law

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Optimize the tourist environment and manage tenants according to law

(Correspondent Huang Ping’an) On June 7, centering on the national AAAAA scenic area construction, World Town of Demons of Karamay Tourism Development Co., Ltd. standardized the operating behaviors of business contractors in the scenic area regarding their everyday operating activities so as to improve the tenant management and reception service level of the scenic area. Relevant personnel from the organization department conducted a comprehensive check of 11 tenants. 

The check mainly included potential safety hazards in the tenants’ places of business, fire engine accesses, safety protection measures for tourist entertainment and consumption, environmental health, shelf lives of cold drink and snacks, price tags, service attitudes and legal operating licenses and so on. The personnel rectified the occupation problem of freezers on the fire engine access at two tenants’ on the spot, gave an oral notice to one tenant with incomplete operating licenses and ordered them to make corrections within a specified period of time. Later, the Safety Guarantee Department of the company will conduct a supervisory check. Those who fail to make corrections within the specified time will be subjected to the Administration Measures for Contract Operation Evaluation of Tenants, so as to standardize the operating behaviors of tenants. 

Through field supervisory check and management according to law, the company aims to spread the philosophy of honesty and hospitality to tenants, and meanwhile create an atmosphere that upholds safety first, doing business according to law and receiving tourists in a civilized way, change their tourist reception service ideas and make constant efforts to improve the service quality of the company.

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