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Staff offered timely aid to a man in his 60s

News2017-07-13 16:08 Author:admin

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Staff offered timely aid to a man in his 60s

(Correspondent Huang Ping’an) At around 6:00 PM on September 7, a man in his 60s had a sudden illness and couldn’t stand or walk when he was relieving himself in the men’s washroom at the World Town of Demons, with the door locked. After learning the news, the management at the World Town of Demons immediately adopted measures to open the locked door and sought help and sent the tourist to the police duty room together with the security officer who rushed to help, waiting for the ambulance.

When arriving on the site, the staff and security officer of the World Town of Demons saw a man in his 60s was shivering all over and drenched with cold sweat and his face was pale and twisted with pain, and even though he was in his senses, he had trouble speaking. As it happened suddenly, neither the guide of the tourist group or the companions of the elder man knew what to do. After discussing with the staff at the Safety Guarantee Department, Dong Li, manager of the Reception Department, immediately made a 120 call. Meanwhile, they carried the elder man to the police duty room with the security officer. The company’s leadership Zhao Lei and other staff patiently pacified the guide and the elder man’s companions, asked for detailed information and looked after the elder man carefully in case he got worse. After ambulancemen arrived, they judged that the elder man had a bad cold on an initial diagnosis. The ambulancemen said, “Luckily the staff here helped him and helped gained rescue time. Otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.” After emergency treatment, the elder man was carried onto the ambulance and sent to Urho 137 Regiment Hospital. 

It’s learnt that the elder man felt unwell on that day when he was visiting Kanas and had a sudden illness when he was in the World Town of Demons. The companions of the elder man were very much grateful to the staff and security officers at the scenic spot for their emergency help.

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