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Eager to help tourists send banners

News2017-07-13 15:48 Author:admin

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Eager to help tourists send banners

Recently the World Town of Demons received a silk banner reading “Caring Tourists, Honest, Ready to Help Others and Service Foremost” from Beijing tourists, praising highly the staff at the World Town of Demons for their fulfillment of duties and doing their utmost to help tourists.
At around 2:00 PM on June 7, 2016, several anxious tourists came to Huang Jianli at the Vehicle Department, saying that they might left a wallet at the No.2 Stop of the World Town of Demons and they hoped the staff could help them find it because there was cash, receipts, ID, bank cards and other important credentials in it and they were from Beijing and were at a rush to Urumchi to catch a plane as their schedule was very tight. After learning the tourists’ request and relevant information about the lost wallet, the staff at the scenic region immediately started to look for it.

It was a hot summer, but in order to retrieve the wallet, the staff at the scenic region didn’t make any complaint and tried their best to look for the lost wallet. Finally, they found the wallet described by the tourists near the place where the tourists claimed the wallet was lost, and nothing in the wallet such as receipts, bank cards, ID and cash was missing. When the staff gave the lost wallet to the tourists, the tourists were very emotional and grateful and even took out some cash in the wallet and gave it to the staff helping find the wallet as thanks, but it was refused by the staff. The tourists praised the staff’s helpful and honest behaviors and spoke highly of the management and service quality of the World Town of Demons.
No rewards are better than tourists’ word of mouth and praise. The World Town of Demons has practiced the service aim of “Tourists First” with actions and seeks to promote operation through management and create benefits through services on the basis of building into a demonstration area of economic tourism and improve tourist satisfaction in an all-round way and present a good image to the world.

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