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  • Featured Tours of Karamay

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    Travel routes Karamay main tourist routes Tourist attractions: Devil City Natural Scenery Tour, oil industry tour, City Sightseeing tour, Xinjiang quasi-Bell bas
  • Roadmap of the World Town of Demons of Karamay

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    The navigation map of the World Devil City of Karamay Tourist attractions: Peacock welcome, Eagle wings, sea lions Chimera, Pegasus shouts, Sphinx, Pandora Magic
  • The World Town of Demons of Karamay – The Haunt of Demons

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    Devil City: Out of the Sairam Nor along the 312 national road has been to the east to the Gobi Pearl-Kuitun, this is a sea of John, carrying the mountains of the
  • Golden Autumn in North Xinjiang – The World Town of Demons

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    October 8 to Devil City. In the morning, it rained heavily until noon before leaving the Boolean law. Originally, the master suggested to pat the Poplar on the r
  • One-day Tour of Karamay

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    Travel routes Karamay within a day tour Attractions: Oil industry Day trip, your natural Scenery Day tour, big agricultural sightseeing day trip, City sightseein

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