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Featured Tours of Karamay

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Featured Tours of Karamay

Attractions: The World Town of Demons natural landscape tour, oil industry tour, city sightseeing tour, Xinjiang Junggar Basin tour…
Oil industry tour
Main attractions: The Black Oil Mountain, Karamay No.1 Well, Mining History Exhibition Hall, Geographical Museum, Baili Oil Area, Shixi Oilfield, No.193 Well, etc.
The World Town of Demons natural landscape tour
Main attractions: The World Town of Demons, Populus Euphratica Forest, Baiyanghe Grand Canyon, Ailike Lake, desert landscape, etc.
City sightseeing tour
Main attractions: Jiulongtan, Karamay River, Cultural Street, the People’s Square, Sunshine Water World, Ayikule, Mayigele Holiday Village, Xingnonghu Holiday Village, etc.
Agricultural ecological sightseeing tour
Main attractions: Great Agricultural Development Area, High-tech Agricultural Ecological Park, idyllic scenery, picking fruits and vegetables, tasting characteristic fruits, leisure restaurants, etc.
Winter tour
Main attractions: Jurassic Snow & Ice World, Western Biathlon Recreation Center, Jiahesen Ski Resort, Qiankun Resort, etc.
Xinjiang around-Junggar Basin golden tour
Urumchi-Tianshan Heavenly Lake-Karamay-The World Town of Demons-Kelamaili Hoofed Nature Reserve-Huoshaoshan-Wucaicheng-Altay Prairie-Kanas Lake


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