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One-day Tour of Karamay

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One-day Tour of Karamay


Attractions: One-day tour of the oil industry, one-day tour of natural scenery in Urho, one-day agricultural sightseeing and picking tour, one-day city sightseeing tour.
Main tours in Karamay
Golden tours
One-day downtown tour
One-day tour of the oil industry: The Black Oil Mountain, Exhibition Hall, Geological Museum, Karamay No.1 Well, Baili Oil Region, Shixi Oilfield, 193 Well, etc.
One-day tour of natural scenery in Urho: poplar trees of over a thousand years old, desert landscape, mysterious canyons, Fengcheng Reservoir, Ailike Lake, World Town of Demons, visiting and tasting flat peaches.
One-day agricultural sightseeing and picking tour: visiting high-tech agro-ecological parks, idyllic scenery and green homes, picking fruits and vegetables, tasting characteristic fruits and farm food.
One-day city sightseeing tour: the Cultural Street, the People’s Square, Karamay River, Jiulongtan, urban landscape, Sunshine Water World, Xingnonghu Holiday Village, Mayigele Holiday Village.

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