About the World Ghost Town

Karamay World Devil City, located in the hinterland of Eurasia, Junggar Pendi Northwest Edge, Karamay Wuerhe territory, distance from your wo city 11 kilometers, 100 kilometers away from the area of Karamay, the core scenic area of about 22 square kilometers. Here has the world-class Yadan landform, the magnificent oil production picture, the vast desert scenery, precious gold silk jade, is the leisure sightseeing, the hiking expedition, the photographic film and television, the popular Science examination and so on the resort. World Demon City Genesis: Karamay World Demon City is a world-class Yadan geological landform scenic spot, to fully understand the world Demon City, we must first understand what is Yadan landform. According to the study, in the Lower Cretaceous period 130 million years ago, this was once a huge freshwater lake, and several times the crustal movement formed the Gobi platform today. After millions of years of wind and rain erosion, the formation of different shad

Formation the World Ghost Town

Karamay city is the world devil Yadan physiognomy scenic world class, to fully understand the world of the city, we must first understand what is yadandemao. According to the survey, in the Mesozoic lower Cretaceous since 130 million years ago, it was once a huge freshwater lake. After several crustal movements, it formed todays Gobi platform. In the millions of years of wind and rain erosion, the formation of all shades of gully, bare gravel and soft sandstone, become, carved in the wind rain in different poses and with different expressions of odd shape cut, evolved into a unique landscape of the majestic, the world of the city scenic spot in the yadandemao in Chinas earliest geological formation.

The most beautiful Ya Dan

Yadandemao around the world in the desert there exist, such as the African Chad Basin Tebeisi wilderness, Asia Root of Iran desert are very famous. China is mainly distributed in Xinjiang, Gansu and Qinghai. Three Yadan, the most beautiful China are: "the most mysterious Yardang Xinjiang Lop Nor white dragon heap Yadan;" the most spectacular Yardang Gansu Yumen outside the three ridges and Shayadan most magnificent Yadan "here Karamay world city Yadan devil.

Viewing Deck

Here can overlook the Devil citys full picture, here can feel the Devil City of Desolation, original and grand, brilliant.

Beacon Tower

Time flies, along with the small trains forward, this lasted nearly one hours of sightseeing journey is about to end, the front left of not far, we can see the final scenic spot-Beacon. It is the whole Devil City of the point of the city, for thousands of years, always standing here, guarding this magical land. Through it, we can not shout loudly oh, it is said that the beacon, has been stationed in the king of the Guards, will be disrespectful to the devil to catch back. Let us with the nature of the citys sigh and respect for the devil, quietly through it.

Chief Divine Altar Cleanser

Broken bridge in the past, you can see the Devil City of the second two-phase scenic spots, on our left, you can easily see a flat-shaped peaks, the top of the mountain, there is a na茂ve little pig, is lying in there asleep. And if we look at the whole of the peaks, we will find that the whole mountain is like the big fat Face of Marshal Pig, complaining about the appearance of not eating full belly. So, we gave this place an image of the name of the net altar Messenger. One is hungry, the other is full of sleep.

Bridge Cutoff

Lets take a quick look at all of the mountain peaks right from the front left to the top of Mt. Yukis mountain, and all the specimens are a sample. Yuki Hyo-Keun, it is a beautiful hunting feature that is full of art and power, which is often prepared to reveal the head of the assassination. Please find it hard to hide it by a great finesse, its a brilliant.

About the Scenic Spot

Devil City is located in Xinjiang Junggar Basin Northwest Edge, the total area of 128 square kilometers, belonging to the typical Yadan landform, it was observed that, about more than 100 million years ago, the Cretaceous period was a huge freshwater lake, and then after two large crustal movements, the land rose, the lake dried up, the lake became a terrestrial vast, geologically called the Gobi platform. The word Yadan originated in the Uygur language, and in 19th century, when the western explorer Sven-Hyuk decided to visit Nur in Xinjiang, see a strange shape of a small hill, ask the local Uighur guide, where to call, the wizard replied: Yael when, meaning that the steep hills, through the writings of Sven-hyuk, this form of wind erosion is called Yadan landform. Devil City It is not the city, nor the devil, but for millions of years to shape the wind. Because it is located in the Tuyere, Devil City Four Seasons Wind constantly, one years windy weather can reach 300, the maximum wi

Peafowl Welcoming the Guests

Turn a small bend, in front of the lush willow, a beautiful peacock is stretched long tail feathers, eagerly looking forward to your arrival, this is the Devil City to give you the first gift, peacock welcome. Peacock is known as the Hundred Birds, is auspicious, kind, beautiful, luxurious symbol, we also take this, wish each female guest forever beautiful, happy.

Tercel Spreading Its Wings

Todays Karamay, like everyone in front of the right to see the wings of the eagle, foot boundless Gobi loess, the eyes of the blue sky, leap to fly, a grand show.

Sea Lions Looking over the Moon

In the front of the eagle wings not far away, we will see the Devil City Scenic spot one of the most famous, sea lions Chimera. In this land vast, a pair of sea lions couples are eagerly opposed to each other. Whenever sunset setting, sea lions couples will watch the moon in the sky, like in the memory of their real hometown, so-called people have joys and sorrows, the moon has Yin and Qing yuan, this thing ancient difficult. I hope people long, thousands of miles moon.

Neighing Horse

Horse is an important part of Mongolian life; see it jump in the upper right corner of a rocky Mountain, the forelimbs vacated, looking at the sky, always let the herdsmen have to take it down the impulse.


On the right, you have not found a profile, like the Sphinx of Egypt, the site named the Sphinx. Beside the body of the lion is not the pyramid, but Pandoras Box, the Sphinx quietly guarding the magic box. The box looks like a big box with a handle, and there is a small gap in it, meaning that God has not opened Pandoras Box before, the Devil in the box once out of here, after crazy raging, so that there is no survival, a desolate. So God sent the patron of Egypt here, guarding the Pandoras box, so that todays Devil City no longer have , little bit of vitality began to gradually reborn from the desolate land.


Along with the train, our left side is a luxurious cruise slowly close, it uses that Heng ancient, huge body, to us to reproduce a shock Mingshuo ancient and modern legends, but also let us remember that a romantic meaningful love story. Jack and Ruth should have become angels, together in the sky, only to leave the Titanic, let the world lovers for the memories, intoxicated.

World Granary

Feel the love story of Titanic, turn right in front of this corner of the site is called the World Granary, the legend of this seemingly not big granary, with the whole world can let all kinds of grain, but for thousands of years, no one has been opened the granary of the mantra. The legend also has another similar version, it is rumored that somewhere in the Devils City, has been buried the big bandits for many years stolen, this huge wealth is to supply the whole world of people to eat, but also more than enough, treasure buried underground, it is likely to bury in this granary.

Demon Couple

Around a corner, will appear in front of us, is the Devil Citys most famous pictographic sights. It is a rare stone two-phase, first let us look to the front of the left side of the road, is it possible to see a face in the east looking at the faces of people? Whether it is eyebrows, eyes, face, mouth, is so vivid. This is not the only thing that surprises you. As we slowly passed him, looking back at the huge rock, on the left side of the giant rock, there was another face, staring east, but the face and face were very different. This is the Devil City famous double-sided people, because the two faces look like a man, a woman, so we call it the Devil husband and wife. In the hands of the tickets, the Devil City Travel company logo design inspiration, but also from this.

The Father of the Earth

Now in the far right front we can see another peculiar pictographic landscape, it is the image of the play called, the father of the Earth. In the face of such a masterpiece of nature, we can only admire its vivid, sigh its uncanny workmanship. When you smile, I can only say that God is also a man.


Heroic Kazakhs, there is a traditional instant game-Diao sheep. It is said that the game was first developed from Altai. Today, all the Kazak herdsmen still inherit it. Diao sheep, not only the Kazak herdsmen carried out an exciting game immediately, but also a strength and courage of the contest, equestrian and equestrian game. Usually held during the festival. Therefore, every time on the eve of the festival, Herdsmen will send representatives to each yurt to pick up the sheep, and to choose the location, determine the date of the work. Diao Sheep This day, the vast majority of herdsmen, regardless of men and women, all dressed in festive costumes, beaming to the designated location, accustomed to stand in a large circle, to conduct onlookers. Diao sheep in the form is a lot of, but the most important of these three kinds of: one is two people diao, one to seize the sheeps end, struggle for battle, who took the sheep, who wins. The second is the grouping, in the old society, a tribe

Clothing of Kazakhs

In the history, the majority of Kazak people live the nomadic life of grass-water, so their costumes with rich characteristics of grassland pastoral life. Herders mainly use the fur of their livestock as a material for clothing. Kazak men like to wear cotton wool underwear, like to corduroy, gabardine, etc. as cloth. Color on the selection of black, brown and other dark. Winter mainly wear fur coats, leather trousers. Selection of sheepskin-dominated, but also with wolf skin, fox skin or other precious hides. In order to facilitate, dismount, trousers with sheepskin sewn into big crotch trousers, so large and durable, wear-resistant. Many shirts are high collar, embroidered side. Shirt jacket waistcoat, vest wear short clothes, and sometimes again set Shang. Kazak men like to tie a leather belt, inlaid with gold, silver, precious stones and other ornaments, the right side of the belt with exquisite scabbard, inserted waist, in case of any use. In the summer, Kazak men generally wear a

Weddings of Kazakhs

There are many restrictions on marriage, one of which is that the young men and women of the same tribe cannot marry, and if marriages must exceed seven generations, the marriage must be separated by seven rivers. These restrictions prevent the Union of Kazakh relatives and make their race flourish. At the wedding ceremony, friends and family on the prairie will come to congratulate. The bride came to the mans house, the dowry to pull up the Red Book, Let the Bride walk in the middle, the husbands family to meet, the woman at this time to prepare the candy, milk pimple and other food to the crowd, young men and women and children to go to pick up the festive food. Bride and groom came to parents yurt formal wedding, yurt in a pile of fireplace, the groom and bride in front of fireplace, facing the middle to the elders and guests three bow. The minister took a horse whip with red silk and sang a song in front of the bride. The lyrics are: Welcome to the brides arrival, bless the husband

Xinjiang cuisine


Xinjiang cuisine

Roasted mutton chops


Xinjiang Food

Xinjiang Food. It has both the features of Chinese Islamic cuisine and the heavy and spicy features of the Northwest Chinese cuisine. The ingredients of Xinjiang cuisine are of great variety, including vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and eggs. The seasoning of vegetables is the same as that of other cuisine, but it has special habits in the cooking of meat and eggs. Xinjiang cuisine is mostly Chinese Islamic cuisine and adopts beef and mutton and uses quick-frying, roasting, rinsing, braising, seasoning and steaming. Famous Xinjiang dishes include Roast Whole Lamb, Sauté Spicy Chicken, Xinjiang Style Braised Lamb Chops with Nang-bread and Mutton Eaten with Hands and the flavor is sour and spicy.

Traffic information

Karamay city traffic situation: the world devil devil city is located in the northwest edge of Junggar basin, located 85 degrees north latitude and 46 degrees 19 ', 6', 100 kilometers away from Karamay City, near the road, about an hour. The city area of nearly three kilometers southeast of Urho Township in Karamay City, has a unique wind erosion landform, people used to call it "ghost city". Around 10 square kilometers, the surface of the sea about 350 meters. First, Karamay Airport is located in the center of the city of Karamay, south of the city, east of the world devil City, 118, 4 kilometers. The airport was rebuilt in October 2005. The newly constructed Karamay Airport is 4D airport. The airport runway is 2600 meters long and 45 meters wide. Apron 29050 square meters, can take off and landing Boeing 757, 767, A3 - 20 and other large and medium-sized aircraft. In April 10, 2006, Karamay's new airport maiden flight was Boeing 757. Since the maiden voyage, the opening of Karamay - Urumqi flight, flying by the ATR72 aircraft, every day round-trip. Karamay Urumqi ticket price is 430 yuan fare. Karamay Urumqi flight departure time is 8 a.m. Beijing time; Urumqi Karamay flight departure time is 21:30 Beijing time. Karamay new airport from the capital of Urumqi Xinjiang air distance 289 kilometers, air travel time 40 minutes, become the shortest route airport in Xinjiang line. Karamay Airport is open to Urumqi, Korla and other routes in Xinjiang, and gradually opened Karamay to Xi'an, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xinjiang long-distance routes, to provide fast and convenient transportation services for the import of Karamay city and the surrounding area of passengers. Karamay Airport connects with the mainland cities, that is, "one vote to the end" flight, there are 8, all of China Southern Airlines routes. These routes: Karamay - Urumqi - Beijing (10: 05); Karamay city - Urumqi - Xi'an - Wuhan (9: 45); Karamay city traffic situation: the world

Hongye Poplar Ecological Garden

Red Yang Lin ecological garden Address: 2 km from the town of Wuerhe high-speed exit Reservation Tel: 15009901088

Awudan’s roast lamb

Awoodan Roast Sheep Address: Wuerhe Willow Street 8-118-119 Reservation Tel: 0990-6963085

Jingu Dumpling

Golden Valley Dumplings Address: Wuerhe Willow Street 8-1112 Reservation Tel: 0990-6961555

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Golden Zhangye Restaurant Address: Wuerhe Dragon Ridge Road 119-2 (opposite Jade City) Reservation Tel: 0990-6963589

Jiejia Hotel

Prices (depending on the season, the price floating): Standard Room 198 yuan / day Deluxe Room: 398 yuan / day Jiejia Hotel Address: No. 23, Cheung Road, Urho District reservation Tel: 0990 - 6357777

Boyu Hotel

Karamay Longji Urho District Road No. 137, near the edge of the road stone.